From October 2014 to the present, 8 certified engineers of NEOSCAN are doing maintenance, diagnosis and repair for 3 Cargo Inspection Systems Rapiscan Eagle M60 and 4 Cargo Inspection Systems HCV-Mobile V2 at North‑Caucasian Federal District. In addition, we provide trainings on the CIS operation and the technical support to the Customer (the Ministry of Interior).




In February 2019, 3 engineers of NEOSCAN, certified by Smiths Detection and Varian, did the malfunction diagnosis for relocatable CIS HCV CAB2000MA by Smiths Heimann at Balakovo NPP, Saratov Region. We identified the accelerator failure (betatron) and developed a list of measures to eliminate the fault.




From June 2018 to January 2019, engineers of NEOSCAN, certified by Smiths Detection and Varian, successfully completed diagnostics, repair, preventive maintenance and commissioning at Stationary CIS HCVG 6035 ViZual by Smiths Detection at the border between Turkmenian and Afghanistan (Customs Check Point Imamnazar).




In March 2017, 3 engineers of NEOSCAN, certified by Varian and well experienced in repair of Cargo Inspection Systems of various manufacturers, successfully completed diagnosis, repair and commissioning of the Stationary CIS THSCAN MB1215 at Turkish border with Bulgaria (Ipsala, Turkey).




From 2014 to 2016, 4 NEOSCAN engineers, certified by Smiths Detection and Varian, provided maintenance, diagnosis and repair (current and planned) of four Cargo Inspection Systems HCVG 6040 by Smiths Detection at the premises of the Frontier Service (the Kazakhstan border at Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Samara and Saratov regions of Russia). We provided trainings and technical support to the Customer on the operation.





In September 2015, 3 engineers of Neoscan did maintenance, diagnosis and repair of two CISs HCV-Mobile V2 and two CISs HCV-Stationary by Smiths Detection in Lagos, Nigeria. All the CISs were successfully repaired and commissioned for the Nigerian Customs on time.